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Information for Transferring Students

Parents should contact the neighborhood school for assistance in placing their ESE eligible children. The neighborhood school must maintain responsibility for these students until ESE placement is complete.

The procedures for placing transferring ESE students are detailed in the Understanding Compliance Issues manual, which is posted online. If there are questions as to the placement of a Pre-K student or if the parent of a Pre-K student requires some additional assistance, contact FDLRS/Child Find at (813) 837-7777.

There are some variations in the procedures for placing students from out-of-state as opposed to those from within Florida and for placing those requiring service at the neighborhood school as opposed to another site. The neighborhood school must remain involved with the student and family until the student is placed according to the district's procedures.

It is also the District's responsibility to provide FAPE to transferring students including the provision of services to the student that are comparable to the services described in the transferring IEP.